Monday, October 28, 2013

Deepen Your Story, Touch More People

When we read a novel or watch a movie, there are certain scenes we can't wait to get to and savor when they happen. These are the BIG MOMENTS. There have been films where we wait almost two hours before we see the couple get together.

Big moments occur whether you are writing a memoir or a business book. In a memoir you are highlighting an aspect of your personal story with themes of empowerment, finding love, growing up, getting through an ordeal, or searching for something.

In a business book, you need to tell your story to assure your readers that you're the one who can help them achieve their goals.

In all of these scenarios, there is something deeper--basic wishes we all have. Making money can mean being appreciated and respected or proving to oneself that you are worthy or smart. Or it can mean having security and peace of mind, or allowing yourself the time, resources and space for passionate pursuits.

In all these, there is a deeper wish. Being appreciated means getting acknowledgement or love from others - but the love starts with yourself. Having security and peace of mind is really created IN the mind, not with money. However allowing yourself the time and resources for a passionate pursuit (or having the passionate pursuit MAKE money) really STARTS with the passion and the love first.

So going up the chain of enlightenment to a higher outcome (and a better book) reasonably would start with the theme first. To create a memoir or even a business story with impact, start with the deeper wish. Discovering that something doesn't come "in a box," as the Whos down in Whoville find out when the Grinch steals their Christmas gifts, and as George discovers when his savings and loan is rescued by the townspeople in "It's a Wonderful Life," are BIG
MOMENTS. At Christmas, these heartfelt sentiments flow freely, yet they are at the heart of every good, wise spiritual story, because the Whos know what Christmas is really about, and the townspeople can feel how wide George's heart is, even if he can't.

My work is about getting writers to connect with their own emotions so they can touch their readers. Your homework is to start with your themes. Then find those "high notes," the ones everybody keeps turning the pages to read or sits in the dark for two hours to finally see, and write these first. This is a sure way to keep you focused on what is important in your story, and all the other events will fall in line to illustrate these pivotal universal heart-based higher themes.

And if you're not ready to start your book? Try it with your story in one or two pages, then, as a holiday gift to yourself rewrite every pain or disappointment from the perspective of the gift you received from it. There, that's the synopsis of your engaging spiritual story (which will instantly reorganize the molecules in your world into a more positive outcome).
Happy Holidays indeed.

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