Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Create a Best Selling Title for Your EBook

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Outline the Benefits of Your eBook

Readers want to know "What's in it for me?" If your reader doesn't see any benefit to read on, then they won't continue. Therefore your headline should put forth your strongest benefit. Such as "Make Money Online" or "Get Healthy in 3 months."

Be Believable

Treat people with respect in that they are not stupid! If it sounds "too good to be true" then it will likely be ignored.

Tell the Reader What the eBook is About

Provide an overview in a few words regarding "What your eBook" is about.

Curiosity Factor

Provide words of interest such as secret to, profit, how to, etc.

First Three Words

The first three words should contain your main keywords (e.g. eBook Marketing Online.) This is not only beneficial for the search engines to target in on, but also to provide the reader with the topic of your content.

Create a Match Between the Message and Your Targeted Readers.

These days, people are "time poor." As a result, it has been shown that it only takes a few seconds for a reader to scan most headlines and decide whether to stop and read or to move on.


Be Specific, as People Are Attracted to "Specificity."

For example; people who are searching "how to make money on the internet" will be attracted to a headline such as "How I Earn $1,000 While I Sleep."

Keep it Short and to the Point!

A short and well written headline will attract attention. Where as a long-winded headline will likely lose the reader, not to mention being cut off due to word limits by some media outlets and search engines.

Don't Confuse or Distract the Reader.

Keep your title and message simple. If your title is too confusing or "creative" then they won't be able to relate to it.

Avoid "Dead words" that search engines hate.

Tips for creating a title for a Fiction eBook:
Generate interest, excitement, passion, capture their attention and touch on the emotion that you desire with the reader.
  • Evoke emotion such as excitement or curiosity that will lead to action.
  • For a love story, write a title that pulls on the heart strings, so to speak.
  • For a thriller, create excitement and intrigue with the headline.
  • General eBook Title Tips:
  • Choosing the "Right Title Length" for Your eBook Title is Essential for Success!
  • Short Titles
  • Need a powerful subtitle to explain what the eBook is about. Generally when I say short I mean between 1-3 words max.
  • Long Titles
  • This is where everything about your eBook content is used in the title.
  • Shock Titles
This is where those tabloid magazines, newspapers, online news sites and trashy TV shows excel. I know I have been tempted by curiosity and clicked on these links or picked up that magazine to see what they are talking about.
Example: "How My Husband Got Pregnant" - now that raises curiosity and has shock value!
The Use of Common Sayings in a Title With a Twist
This is where you use a well know quote or saying and then add your own little twist on it by changing a word to depict what your eBook is about.
Example: "Show Me the Money" from the Tom Cruise movie becomes "Show Me the Honey" (from a book that writes about bee hives and bee keeping)

As you can see, there are many ways to create a great title for your eBook. If you fail to create an attention grabbing title for your eBook then you will also be likely to also fail in getting people to buy your eBook.

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