Tuesday, October 22, 2013

30 Exciting Reasons to Write a Book Now

Have you been dreaming of becoming an author? If so, now is a great time to do it. Just in case you haven't noticed there's an Information Revolution of sorts still going on. No, the Information Age didn't die at the dawn of the Digital Age. It was simply reborn and raging simultaneously which is pretty cool for aspiring authors. I was thinking about you and wanted to encourage you. There's still time to jump in; put your important message in a book.

Here's thirty exciting reasons to do it now:

1. Now really is better than later.
2. Make your Mother proud; the opinion of family matters.
3. Become famous; author is still a prestigious title.
4. Gain leverage in your business; you gain a giant leap ahead.
5. Create an additional income stream; you create diversity in your assets.
6. Travel the world speaking about it; take advantage of new opportunities.
7. Get a competitive edge in your business; push past your peers without a book.
8. Do it because your friends said you couldn't; take creative revenge with success.
9. Become a celebrity in your home town; make your childhood friends green with envy.
10. Celebrate National Book Month; get started in October.
11. Send it to your worst teacher in grade school; especially if she said you would never amount to anything.
12. Make Dad glow with pride; he'll love telling his friends about you, the author in the family.
13. Increase your self-esteem; your confidence goes up a notch or two with a book.
14. Increase your credibility as a professional; people will trust you faster.
15. Increase your ability to compete in your field or industry; jump ahead of your opposing colleagues without a book.
16. Increase your influence in your field; people will begin to know you everywhere you go.
17. Increase your income by selling books at your speeches and workshops; your attendants will want more of your wisdom.
18. Increase value; people value you and your message more.
19. Create an interesting life full of new adventures; new opportunities will come to you.
20. Fulfill your mission in life to help others; a book will leverage your ability to do more.
21. Standout in the market; with a book you multiply your ability to get more business.
22. Get way more credibility than anything else; a book's influence out weighs even videos or cds.
23. Create a fresh profit center; it will position you to charge more across the board in your business.
24. Create a legacy; your book will live on throughout generations.
25. Live where you choose; many authors live one place during the winter and another place during the summer.
26. Expand your reach; Judy Cullins says, "Talks reach hundreds; books reach 1000's."
27. Increase your business longevity; You will stay in business for the long haul, during good times and tough times.
28. Multiply your profitability; you can effectively multiply sales and profits.
29. Create a nice stream of passive income; create it right and your book works for you 24/7.
30. Promote your business in it; your book becomes your new business card.
If you don't get started writing your book now, you may never receive all the increased influence and opportunities waiting to come your way. So go ahead; write a book and watch your profits explode like a rocket headed to the moon. Here's to seeing your name in print, sooner than later!

Powerful Ways to Get Started Writing a Book:

Take action. Do something toward your book writing goal before your head hits the pillow tonight or at least within 48 hours.

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