Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Author: No Experience Necessary

How to start:

  • Pick up a pen (or pencil)
  • Grad a blank piece of paper
  • Write about your lunch.
You are now a book author.

Not an English major? 

Neither was John Grisham, Kurt Vonnegut, Danielle Steele, JK Rowling, or Michael Crichton.
What did all of these authors have in common?  They wrote about topics they knew with an extra touch of spice to make it interesting.

This is the first idea to begin your writing.  It doesn't need to be War and Peace, it can be 10 sentences. But write what you know.

Write about your lunch.

Write a couple sentences about your lunch.
Write about that same lunch somewhere exotic, like a small island in the South Pacific.
Write about that same lunch on an island served with coconut water in a coconut shell.

Keep adding to the same idea, and after a couple thousand words, voilĂ , you have a book.

You are a book author with no experience!


What's the trick?

The trick is to keep writing.  It can be daunting sometimes, husband, kids, animals, work, school, and just living your life. 


Most Importantly

Believing in yourself!

The rest  you can Google.