Friday, October 4, 2013

Using Old Postcard: References From The Past

Hello everyone!

I am writing a historical novel based in 1913 Duluth, Minnesota.  I lived in Duluth for a bout 20 years so I know what it looks like now. --I now live in the South Pacific, so a drive there would be out of the question.--
But, what did it look like then?

 I have mentioned the Library of Congress so often that I hope this is the first place you visit!


I have gotten a lot of information from postcards from the time! 

I went to eBay and searched Duluth, MN and found some amazing pictures.  I don't need to buy them.  No! I save them on my hard drive -- making sure to label them correctly -- and use them as references for scenes.

How easy is that?

Never heard of Duluth?  That's ok, we forgive you.  ~wink~


Also try Amazon.  I have learned a lot about Duluth by reading the free preview pages of books!