Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Question to You: Why Write an eBook?

If you're trying to decide between writing an ebook or a print book (p-book), you don't have to write either or. You can do both! However, for those of us with time challenges, it's easier and quicker to get your first ebook done than your first print book and less costly.

Here's why: Most reluctant writers can find the time to write a short ebook and get it uploaded to Amazon more quickly than they can get a print book done. You see, an ebook can be fairly short-anywhere from 25 to 50 pages, easily uploaded to Amazon or other ebookstores, and you can start having your ebook earn some income pretty quickly!

If you can commit to finishing an ebook in 6 weeks, 6 days, or 6 hours, you'd be amazed what you can do with when you're committed and you've eliminated your distractions-both inner and outer. A strong commitment and discipline are all that's required. Then sit and write. Remember you can keep ebooks shorter than p-books, but you can expand on your ebook later on, after you've gotten some feedback and reviews. Then you can turn it into a print book. A 30-page ebook could become a 90-page p-book! Just make all your changes while it's still an ebook!

With Amazon you don't need an ISBN number for ebooks, so you can take it down, make the changes, and put it right back up! Not so with a p-book. Most publishers charge you every time you make changes and need to re-print.

Even though ebooks generally cost less than p-books, they're profitable because your costs are less since you don't have to deal with printing and distribution. You'll primarily have to pay for editing, a cover, and formatting/conversion. Since ebooks cost less than print books-anywhere from.99 to $9.99, authors are still making a nice profit and they can sell more of them! People think nothing of spending $2.99 on an ebook, while they may not spend $19.99 as quickly on a p-book!

Also ebooks tend to be targeted to niche markets, and a lot of new authors plan to write a series of short ebooks to several niche markets. Like dog training for poodles, dog training for collies, etc. Or you could do buying your home for newlyweds, empty nesters, or retirees. It's the chicken soup phenomenon.

Have I convinced you to write your ebook?

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