Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Online Journaling Sites: Places to Write Your Life Story

The explosion in popularity of Internet social networking sites such as Facebook have also led to an increased interest in online journaling sites. Although Facebook and Twitter allow you to share pictures or ultra-brief observations of life events, neither is especially suited for providing any chronological detail or color to a true-life story. Online journaling sites, by contrast, let you log in as many details as you would like, and to turn the stories of your life into a grand event. Pictures may say a thousand words, but journals are a much better application in being mindful when the cameras are not flashing. Here are some ideas for where and how to get started.
  1. Decide what your objective is in writing a journal. Why do you want to record events that have happened to you? Is this for you to remember long after your Costa Rica hiking trip is over, so you can have some perspective on your journey? Or do you want to share more details about what you did than you might be able to through pictures and videos only for those close to you? Or perhaps you are using writing as a form of therapy. Whatever the reason, you will find journaling rewarding and therapeutic in many ways!

  2. Write what happened. Ideally, you want to write this when the memory of what you did is fresh as you will forget details later and your enthusiasm for writing may drop down with time. You can save this at an online journaling site or in a word document on your computer. You can even write on old-fashioned paper with a pen every night if it is hard to get to a computer or an internet connection where you are and upload it later.

  3. Find an online journaling site so you can share your story. Tumblr, LiveJournal and Living Alpha are just a few of the sites online. Your writing may be about an adventurous trip that you have taken or one you are currently engaged in somewhere, in the world. The places you visit or the people you meet along the way will normally be interesting because you are out of your comfort zone. This is true regardless of what your comfort zone is. All you have to do is check the internet for (online journaling sites) to find them.

  4. Decide what advice you would give to others who want to do whatever it is that you did. Would you recommend the travel company or the hotel that you stayed at to others, or tell them to stay away? Was the food healthy and safe to eat or did it make you ill?

  5. Go through the steps in your journal. Even if you are an expert kayaker, do not assume that everyone who might read this knows how to kayak. Pretend that a person from a foreign country is reading this. Would they know how to do what you did based on your description? People like details so talk about, how you got started.

Online Journaling Sites make it easy to share precious memories from momentous events in your life. Even if you wish to keep your journal private, you can feel happy in knowing that what you wrote is preserved for future reference and is very therapeutic for many writers. As years go by, you may look at what you did with a new perspective, or be happy that you shared your knowledge with others. Whatever your motivation is, it will probably feel as satisfying to write about it as it was to make the journey to begin with.

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