Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Wrong Number! History of the Telephone

Telephone History

You wanted to know about the telephone you say?  Look no father!

Telephone History is a multi-page history.  It is rather boring -- that is -- very technical.  I was just looking to find information about the Candlestick Phone.

But, don't let me dissuade you!  This is a definite research from first development to today.

Look to the left of the site to find links to the entire history.

Hope you enjoy!

About the Authors

Thomas Farely
Tom has produced since 1995. He is now a freelance technology writer who contributes regularly to the site.

His knowledge of telecommunications has served, most notably, the American Heritage Invention and Technology Magazine and The History Channel.
His interview on Alexander Graham Bell will air on the History Channel the end of 2006.
Ken Schmidt
Ken is a licensed attorney who has worked in the tower industry for seven years. He has managed the development of broadcast towers nationwide and developed and built cell towers.

He has been quoted in newspapers and magazines on issues regarding cell towers and has spoke at industry and non-industry conferences on cell tower related issues.

He is recognized as an expert on cell tower leases and due diligence processes for tower acquisitions.