Saturday, September 14, 2013

1913 Ward County North Dakota Happenings - Funny!

The Ward County Independent, North Dakota, September 1913

Archie Whipple, of White Earth, who had just located in the King's Domain, was visited by a series of misfortunes.  At Portal he fell from his car and broke his wrist and sprained his ankle,  at Moose Jaw someone stole his fine full-blooded chickens, and arriving at h is destination, he became lost on the prairie and was rescued by the Indians.

A carpenter employed on an elevator here became suddenly insane and stripped off his cloths started down the railway track.  When overtaken by fellow workmen he resisted.  Later he was persuaded to return and don his clothing and a short time afterward resumed his work though he has since acted in a peculiar manner.
Climbing telephone poles and chasing feather chickens was the pastime in which a stranger, who gave the name of Andres Boland, was engaged when taken into custody here for an examination as to his sanity.  He claimed to have come her from Pennsylvania and is undoubtedly of a mildly insane type

Andrew Boland, arrest at Tioga for insanity, was found to be only drunk.  He had tried to climb telephone poles.

Two threshers were arrested at Lansford charged with bootlegging.  Justice Cook allowed them to go after he has severely reprimanded them. 

A passenger coach was left out on the prairie west of Powers Lake one day last week to permit the conductor and passengers to hung prairie chickens.
C.T. Homes, the Soo line agent at North Portal, sustained a broken jaw while motoring four miles from Kenmare.  His steering gear went wrong and the machine turned turtle.  Homes walked to Kenmare where the haw was set and wired.